Bri the Barefoot DJ Raises Funds
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Bri the Barefoot DJ Raises Funds
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Yo Barefoot DJ listeners! No beating around the bush - the FM broadcast IS happening, and very soon (October 21st!), and we need your help. I''m not joking when I say every dollar counts. Please give what you can, and tell your friends!

ABOUT 2017 Fall Fundraising Campaign


CHIRP is a listener-supported, community-powered radio station—your gift makes everything we do possible!

Please make a gift supporting our fall fund drive so we can continue to bring you great music and events! Your gift will also help us launch our broadcast at 107.1FM in October 2017!

If you would like to become a sustaining member by making a recurring donation (monthy or quarterly), or select a fall campaign thank you gift, please visit CHIRP’s main donation page to make your contribution (and don’t forget to enter the name of the CHIRP Volunteer or DJ in the “How did you hear about CHIRP” section so they can receive credit for your gift!)

Name Date Amount Comments
K C 09/23/2017 $91.70 Play more ska
Anonymous Friend 09/22/2017 $10.00  
Taran O'Reilly 09/22/2017 $27.50  
Katrina O'Reilly 09/22/2017 $100.00 For Bri with Love from Chris and Trina
Anonymous Friend 09/22/2017 $20.00 Thanks Briavael!
Anonymous Friend 09/18/2017 $20.00  
Janet Sayre 09/14/2017 $10.00 Go CHIRP!
Jennifer Bivens 09/14/2017 $10.00 Radio radio!
SaeRom Chakoian 09/12/2017 $25.00 :) good luck!
Annie Meyers 09/11/2017 $10.00 Go Bri!!! <3
Jennifer Moniz 09/11/2017 $10.00 Bri is taking over the actual air waves and I am all for it!
Ned O'Reilly 09/11/2017 $27.50 Rock On, CHIRPsters!
  Total $361.70